• ​Desk side
  • Centralized
  • Multimedia
  • High capacity

Office Supplies

Janitorial Supplies


  • Utensils made from 100% biodegradable, compostable materials
  • Green Wave food containers, which are biodegradable, made of natural fiber such as sugarcane plasm, grass plasm and reed plasm
  • Green ware clear cups made from
  • Nature Works® bio-polymer, a resin currently derived entirely from corn, and 100% compostable
  • Napkins and kitchen roll towels made from recycled paper and manufacturing technology with minimal impact on the environment

Food Service Supplies

  • Green Seal certified hand care products
  • Green Seal certified cleaning chemicals
  • 100% Recycled fiber & process
  • Towel & tissue dispensing systems that reduce packaging waste by 96% & reduce usage and waste by 30%
  • Microfiber cleaning tools, HEPA filtration upright vacuums
  • Recycling trash containers
  • Enviro-green recycled low-density trash can liners made with a minimum of 60% recycled post-industrial materials
  • Entrance Matting

Prospectus Enterprises, Inc. is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), which specializes in supplying office, janitorial, & Industrial supplies to businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Additionally, we utilize unique quality control products and systems to include recycled check paper with 30% post-consumer fiber-the highest content possible - and print with soy-based inks to ensure that our company is in keeping with our focus on many of our society's current concerns including the environment.

Industrial Supplies

MBE Certified Business with Huge Supply Chain

  • Motors & Generators
  • Hand Tools & Power Tools
  • Ballasts & Light Bulbs
  • Batteries & Flashlights
  • Air Filters, Ice Melt, Gloves, Etc.
  • Bagged Cement, Bricks & Tile
  • Lumber & Fasteners
  • Paints, Adhesives & Ladders
  • Copper, Steel, Iron & Aluminum
  • Safety Equipment & First Aid Supplies

Prospectus Enterprises, Inc.

  • Recycled Personal & Affinity Checks
  • Recycled Business Checks 
  • Deposit Tickets
  • Deposit Security Bags
  • High Security Paper
  • Recycled Copier Paper
  • Pre- Printed Envelopes
  • MBM Destroyit™ Shredders

An Earth friendly company.

Environmentally Responsible Product Offering.


1101 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Ste 300

Washington, DC 20004


SBR, MBE MDOT #04-431


DC, CBE Certified #LSD 52873032022

DCSS #CW57081

NMSDC #MD11570