Electronic procurement is the use of electronic tools and systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs during each stage of the procurement process. Its use can generate significant savings while increasing end user satisfaction and eliminating waste.

Innovation – Supply Solutions

eProcurement In Action:

  • A customized online ordering platform which incorporates PEI's shopping experience and data empowerment
  • Ability to integrate with third party providers
  • Next day delivery via PEI's distribution network
  • 100% MBE/DBE credit on every dollar spent
  • ​Report tracking with customized data collection
  • Speed ordering with the use of customer specific warehouse part numbers
  • Level III data reporting on all credit card purchases
  • Streamlined billing process
  • Exceptional customer service with Inventory Management Capabilities

To learn how the Prospectus Enterprises, Inc. team can bring added value to your procurement process, email:  order@prospectusei.com

Prospectus Enterprises, Inc. has established a national supply chain to deliver a value added resource to federal, state and local government entities in Maryland, and the entire DC metro area. Our goal is to deliver a custom B2B shopping experience through the use of our eProcurement platform. In addition we offer sourcing capabilities along with our (VMI) Vendor Managed Inventory Solution. Our process is a methodical approach to target agencies and other organizations that have expressed a need for driving cost out of the procurement process on MRO and Custodial Supplies. Some of the highlights of our distributor alliance program are as follows: